lunes, 16 de marzo de 2009

Tourd Bonaire 2009 Harvest Quartet

Great emosión with the Quartet visited the beautiful island of Bonaire, to praise the name of our God in this beautiful island in the Caribbean, with a large support community of Isla treated us excited, our Adventist brothers stayed on the island and we accommodated well, we thank God for that, the concert was on the premises of a sports center of the Church, where the quartet singing with all his issues portfolio extrenando new cd, "Tribute to my Lord" in English, Castilian and Papiamento, songs with a large repertoire of music that exalts and praises the good name of our God.

On 13, 14, 15 and March 16, the quartet Harvest was on the island of Bonaire, performing a series of concerts for a week of conferences Pastor Elbert Introduction, besides giving a concert for all bonaire, God bless the island of Bonaire.

lunes, 9 de febrero de 2009

start of the 2009 Tour "Cocecha"

Opening for International Tour 2009 harvest, the harvest quartet visit the beautiful island of Bonaire, to praise God in these borders, the quartet is very proud to attend and visit this famous island. and hopes to give the best of his repertoire to praise and honor God in this island

Harvest Quartet invitation to the Brothers of the island of Bonaire, their concerts in the month of March 2009.

Launching the national tour, by Venezuela, was in the state of Miranda, and in caracas

To the Top of this year 2009, we started our tour inside our national territory, in the area west of the city, the Adventist church in the central west, where the quartet to accompany the pastor of this church, here.

In the company of brothers, seeking to worship our creator.
We are excited to begin this year on a good note, praising the name of our God. Already in March iniciarems God through our tour, on the island of Bonaire, as well as travel to the Gran Sabana and Brazil.

martes, 30 de diciembre de 2008

Welcome To The Space Web Of The Quartet Harvest

Biography of the Quartet Harvest
(Versión en Español de la pagina Click Aqui )

The origins of the quartet since its Harvest transcending birth in 1997, was created by four young Venezuelan initiative of the Adventist churches of harmony, propatria of the city of Caracas, the main purpose was to unite the voices to create harmonies of praise Our God and creator

Using the genre of Gospel Music (black conservative spiritual), which mixes Christian roots of our brothers of African descent.

Our quartet to travel across the country from Venezuela, carrying a message of love and hope, solace and peace in our tour we visited hospitals, houses, homes, public places, legislatures, mayors, municipal theaters, government institutions and private , High schools and colleges, and churches (Adventists, Presbyterian, Catholic, Evangelical, Anglican)

At the international level to the quartet represented his country at various events in countries such as Italy, Africa, Curacao, Colombia, Panama, Aruba.
1. Any Special Occasion
2. Love in its three languages (English, Portuguese and Spanish)
3. The New Christian

We received the support of the Ministry of Culture (IAEM), through the foundation Cultural Advancement of Venezuela.

Currently, the quartet is composed of:

1. Amílcar Martínez
2. Elías Sánchez
3. Gernny Pineda
4. Danny Pineda

Harvest in Aruba 2008
Church Oranjestad

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My Tribute Tour Aruba 2008

This time the quartet Harvest visit to the island of Aruba by a series of concerts throughout the Caribbean island in the Hispanic Churches, French, English.

International tour culminating titled "My Tribute," The quartet Harvest visit the Venezuelan island of Aruba, in this November, ending 01 December, in that place, will attend the PostChiquito Adventist Church, the Adventist Church St. Nicolaas, And the Church of Rooi-Congo, Oranjestad church, The Church Tarabana, Hispanic church, the Church and the French Group Noord. His repertoire for this occasion will be in three languages, English, Spanish and Papiamento with whom, may communicate with the brotherhood through the universal language of music. Here we share with the church in a Hispanic Aruba retreat, organized by members of the same, with the pastor Escobar.

I extend greetings to all those who collaborated on this trip to Aruba, Brother David and his wife Rhouda, and the pastor of the Church of Oranjestad
who are dedicated to working with us, everything about the tour. We hope that God continue to bless and bless the work on the island of Aruba.

Our next tour will be 2009 for the island of Bonaire, Panama U.S., Europe possibly hope their prayers for this ministry.

domingo, 28 de diciembre de 2008

Closure of the Tour "My Tribute 2008"

Close to the Tour of "My Tribute 2008, the Quartet Harvest Sucre state visit of Venezuela, in areas of Yaguaraparo and Irapa, areas in which they gave concerts with the participation of regional talent, the case of the brother of Yaguaraparo ezequiel, who also his voice in praise to our creator.

Thanks to God the Quartet to ensure the successful completion of this tour, worship and devotion to the creator, to the Adventist Church and Yaguaraparo Irapa, who with his commitment and dedication which made this activity with many visitors and guests from the Baptist church Irapa.

We welcome all youth Yaguaraparo, which share a river in the area, we welcome them and hope that God continue to bless.